February Newsletter

  Happy February!! This is the LOVE month. Who in your life needs YOUR LOVE??!!

Just a few instructions. This newsletter is a description of each and every class. If you find a class or club you would like to learn more about, go to our web site (www.enginehousequiltshop.com). Click on the Events tab at the top then choose which class or club you are interested in. Also you can click on the calendar and at the top right click on the next month which will be February. You can print this or look at any class listed to see a picture, see a description and go ahead and sign up for this class or club. This will be very easy to keep you informed. Please let us know what you think of this feature.

Open sewing Wednesday and Fridays

Tuesdays are Fat Tuesdays    Fat Quarters are 3 for $7.

Marti and Me Club
Marti and Me club will meet on Tuesday,February 17th from 1 to 4. If you attend this meeting you will receive a pattern for coming to class. Each month, Marti and Me opens up our minds to patterns and templates to see what the capabilities of each tool can be. You are welcome to come and sew or come and go.   Marti's templates are so accurate that they make the hardest shapes easy. We also have a card made by Marti that you can mark all the templates you have purchased and carry it with you so you will not duplicate any of these handy items. The pattern includes at least 5 different individual patterns. In February, The Linked Chevron Table Runner or the long Skinny Wall Quilt will be demoed In March we will be using the Strip-it-tee Do Da templates and the 60 degree Triangle Ruler to make Aunt Nonnies Mountain View Quilt. These templates are used with 2 1/2" Strips. We will be using these templates for 2015 to open up many different blocks that can be completed with 2 1/2" strips with almost no effort.

Floriani Products Update

We are very excited to announce that we will be carrying a brand new line of thread, interfacing and machine embroidery programs. We will be selling the entire line of Floriani. Our first shipment is here and we are selling these items along with all the special purchases Floriani offers.  This company has a complete line of inter-facings used to embroider or for other projects. The thread is some of the very best I have ever used. The colors are vast and wonderful. Be sure to stop in to see this new addition to the shop.  Also be watching for our Floriani Event which will be coming Friday and Saturday, September 11th and 12th This would be a great way to learn how to use those inter-facings. We will list this on our web site so you will be able to sign up online.

Mariner's Compass Star Paper Piecing Class

Have you ever wanted to learn to Paper Piece? We have a class on Groundhog Day,  Monday, February 2nd that is designed for you. This class will teach you how to paper piece with ease and end up with a beautiful Mariner's Compass star to used in a table runner or quilt. This class will begin at 12 noon and run till 4 pm. If the groundhog does not see his shadow we will provide the papers needed to make this project but if he sees his shadow we will provide the binding for this project. Either way you will win on Monday, February 2nd.

Embroidery Club
If you own an embroidery machine, these two classes are available for you to enjoy your embroidery machine. Check them out!

  We are into a wonderful world of Embroidery. Each month we focus on a few projects that you can make during the class. WE help you with the interfacing and helping you hoop the project all while learning more about your machine. All of this is at a cost of  $10. January's class is on Thursday, February 26th from 10 am to 5 pm. .

If you are a beginner Embroider and you would like to learn what this is all about. Diane will be doing one of the Anita Goodesign Workshops or help you with a project you have started or just learn about your machine on Thursday, February 5th. We will be doing a workshop from a previous class to learn all the techniques available to you with your embroidery machine.  We will take it slow and easy and make sure you understand what it takes to stitch out beautiful designs for any project. The cost of this class is $10 plus anything you decide to purchase to embroider on or any CD you might want to use with your machine.

Stitcher's Garden  1
Stitcher's Garden will be on Tuesday, February 3rd from 10 am to 6 pm.
Stitcher's Garden  is a Block Of the Month program that gives you the opportunity to learn to use your sewing machine and feet. You are welcome to begin this class at anytime. We have students who are on their first block and others on their 6th block while others are putting on their borders. Please come and we will help you get started.
  A few of the techniques used include:
* TWIN and WING needles
* BOBBINWORK has been stepped up for more challenges on the flower and leaves using not only #5 Perle cotton but an 1/8" polyester satin ribbon.
* TWISTED floss in front of the needle on vines.
* FRINGE or TAILOR TACK foot is used around one of the centers for a looped edging.
* COUCHING rick rack and 1/8" ribbon adds another dimension to the blocks.
* CIRCULAR attachment is used to create a flower and border.
* RUFFLER is a new foot being featured to create three flowers.
* BINDER foot is another new foot being featured not to bind the quilt but to add an accent edge to the corner triangles and the edge of the binding.

There is also Stitcher's Garden 2 which has a machine embroidery version along with an applique version. This quilt is for those who loved the first quilt and want to learn even more  Let us know if  you want to sign up for these classes so we can have the patterns ready for you. Every month we have customers who decide to join this class.
Stitcher's Garden  will be on February 3rd from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Bargello Class
In this class you will learn how to make a Bargello Quilt as you go quilt. It is teaching the art of making this quilt in the tube fashion. The quilt is strip pieced then sewn into a tube and cut at various points to make a ribbon bargello quilt. We will be choosing your fabric, cutting and sewing the strips together at the first class. We will then meet for 5 months until you will complete this entire quilt as you go masterpiece. Our next class will be on February 12th and will be again in March, April and May on the second Thursdays of the month. The cost of this class is $10 if you purchase your fabric from the shop or $25 a month if you bring your own fabrics.

The Mulberry Batik Club will be working on a block which goes in the quilt along with some of the connecting parts. You are welcome to stop in and pick up your packet each month or stay and sew if it works in your schedule. We will help you complete this quilt from beginning to end. It has some very beautiful colors and blocks. . This months block will be on Tuesday, February 24th from 1 to 4pm. Remember the cost of this club is $19.95 even if you do not attend the class.

The quilt is done entirely in Jason Yenter's fabric from In The Beginning Fabrics. It is totally pieced from the inside out. AND it is in the shop!!!! We have received the book/pattern and all of the fabric. It is beautiful!!  Our next class will be on Tuesday, February 24th  from 1 to 5 pm.  We would love to help you complete this quilt. . What a way to use Marti Mitchell Templates or your favorite method of piecing. Stop by and gaze at this fabric. It is amazing!!  The complete quilt kit is available in red and green or blue and green, for purchase at any time.

Kim Diehl has developed patterns for small projects which includes piecing, applique and great colors. We will be doing out last project on Thursday, February 12th from 10 to 5pm.   If you did not get your projects done and would like to, we will arrange for another class time to help you complete each project.

Saturday Club

Our Saturday Club  will be on Saturday, February 14th from 10 am to 11.  We will be demo-ing another block in the quilt. . We will be teaching the blocks and helping with the log cabin blocks. Also you are encouraged to stay after class and sew the blocks with us. Do not forget to bring your show and tell
We are working on kicking off a new Saturday Club in May. This club will be our $5 Saturday Club. There will be a sample in the shop in February.

2 Block Paper Piecing Quilt Class
This class will explore the art of Paper Piecing on a large scale. You will be using freezer paper to complete each block of this quilt. There are only 2 blocks in this quilt of which will make this beautiful star quilt. We will offer kits for this class or you can choose your fabrics to complete this beautiful, transforming quilt. This quilt class will be on March 31st from 10 to 5pm. If you need a later time, please let us know and we will work on a date for you. The cost of this class is $10 plus the book and kit. We will provide the Freezer Paper for your paper piecing templates. Donna will be teaching this class and will work out another date to help you complete this quilt.

T-Shirt Class

It is that time of year when we begin to think about putting together a T-Shirt Quilt for our Graduates. We have scheduled a T-Shirt Class on Monday,  February 16th from 10 to 5pm. Bring in your Student's T-Shirts and we will help you decide the pattern and what you need to make your graduate the quilt they will use all through college and beyond. We will help you with cutting and preparing the shirts for the quilt along with the designing a pattern with the shirts that is sure to please. The cost of this class is $10 for the instruction if you purchase all your supplies from the shop.

Pennies from Heaven
 We have also decided to do a Block of the month with the book "Pennies from Heaven". This quilt has so many great helps for beginning with wool.  You also have a choice of making the block for the quilt or using the block by itself for other projects which are suggested in the book. You will need the book and to sign up so we can make you a kit for class. Each month the cost will be $28 which includes the wool, fabric and instructions. This is a wonderful way to enjoy using wool to make a great, beautiful quilt. We are shooting to start this block of the month on Tuesday, February 10th from 2 to 6. Make sure you stop by and view these blocks to see what we are going to be working on. We have the first two blocks at the shop.

Sarah's Sampler
Jennifer Chiaverini has a wonderful quilt which she wrote about called Sarah's Sampler. Donna Peyerk has consented to teach this quilt beginning on Thursday, February 19th. This quilt is a wonderful way to learn the basic of piecing a quilt. We have a sample in the shop to view. You will need to book and all your fabrics to make this quilt. The cost of this class is $10 per month. Be sure to sign up.

Amish with a Twist
If you like the traditional Quilt using solids, log cabin blocks and other great piecing tricks, you will love Amish with a Twist II. WE will be making this quilt starting in April. If you would like to see a picture of this quilt, we would be happy show you how beautiful this quilt is. More info as we put this masterpiece together.

Aunt Sukey's Quilt
Marti came out with Book 5 last year and we loved what we saw in this wonderful book. One of the quilts were named Aunt Sukey's quilt. This quilt has great sashings, borders and 12 wonderful blocks using Marti's Q template set. Donna pieced this masterpiece and has consented to teach this quilt beginning Tuesday, February 17th. This class will be from 1 to 5 pm and will be every third Tuesday of the month for 12 months. You will need the book, the template Q set and your fabric requirements. We do have Donna 's quilt hanging in the shop for a sample as to what your quilt will look like. We do have a minimum  in order for this class to go forward so be sure to let us know you are interested in making this quilt. It is a queen size but can be re-figured to your own specific size.

Six Sister's Shop Hop
Do not forget the Six Sister's Shop Hop which will be Tuesday, February 24th - February 29th. This hop is with:
Quilts N Gifts                  Bluffton
Caroline's Cottage          Rome City
Quilt of Many Colors       Leo
Heaven on Earth             Wabash
Edwards Sewing              Ft. Wayne
Engine House                  Berne
You will receive a tote bag after completing this hop that will give you 15% off regular priced items for the next year.
Do not miss this!

Heirloom Quilt
We are working on bringing you a very special quilt which we know you will fall in love with like we have. It is an heirloom Quilt and it is beautiful. We will be doing two quilts with two different ways of completing this quilt. One will be done in a crazy quilt fashion with all hand work, stitches, heirloom designs and vintage over all look. The other one will be done on the sewing machine with great stitches and wonderful designs made by our machines. This quilt class will begin in March on the fourth Thursday of each month. Starting with Thursday, March 26th from 12 to 6 pm. You are not required to be at the class from 12 to 6pm. If it works in your schedule to come from 4 to 6pm you will be able to learn the technique. If we have a number of people who would like to stay past 6pm, we will certainly make that happen also. You will need the book and your supplies for the class. More details and a sample will be coming very soon.

Bunny Hop

Our Bunny Hop will be Thursday, March 26th - Saturday, March 28th. There are four shops participating in shop: Country Creations in Preble, Stickley Quilting in Portland, Cotton Candy in Muncie and of course Engine House in Berne. Each of the shops will be making a project from the block: Ham and Beans or as we call it for this hop: Abundant Garden. We will be doing demos, giving out goody bags and celebrating the Spring time with quilting projects and patterns. This hop is a great way to prepare for the Easter Holiday just the next weekend.