Engine House Future Plans

Engine House Quilt Shop will stay open and go forward.

Yes you read right. The decision has been made to continue doing business as a shop along with the classes but with new hours and new schedules. We will not have open sewing any longer. This was Wednesdays and Fridays. We will also be closing on Saturdays after December 19th until the third Saturday in March.

We can take orders for anything you might be in need of. We have received other new items recently such as the adult coloring books. These are wonderful and of course they are the best because they are made by quilters. We will be getting gel pens in this next Thursday to go along with the coloring books.

We have a number of classes coming up this next week. November 30th is the MDQ II software class where all who own this software can come and learn.
December 1st we have Stitcher's Garden
December 2nd - Wednesday - we have the Inside Out Jacket classes from 10 to 5. You will need 3 yards of two flannel or woven fabrics for this class. Everyone is welcome. We have two patterns left so be sure to get yours.
December 3rd we have Beginning Embroidery class.
If you every wanted to get involved in this sewing craze now is the time to plug in.

Feel free to stop by and let us know your take on the new schedule.

We have a room filled with half priced items from fabric, notions, books and patterns and a few kits. Come with the supply lasts.

We will also be working on our web site and facebook page so be sure to watch those items to see the latest - greatest from Engine House Quilt Shop.

See you all very soon.