November Embroidery Classes

Monday, November 14th, we will be going over the new features in the latest free update in FTC-U.  If you have not installed the latest update we can help you do that.  We will also work on a project which includes some of these updates,  This class is at 10:00 and usually lasts about 3 hours.  We are doing some construction in the classroom but I think everything is up and running now.  Come check out the new lighting!

MDQII will be on Monday, November 28th at 10 am.  We are doing a block of the month. We are only on the second month so if you would like to join in it is not too late.  You need the My Decorative Quilter II or Total Quilter software program to digitize these blocks.  If you would like to see the quilt, it is hanging in the classroom at the shop.  This is the second quilt we have done and they are a lot of fun.

Our Anita Goodesign workshop is on Tuesday, November 29th at 10 am.  In this workshop we will be embellishing a button front or zip front shirt.  Try to get one with no pockets on the front chest.  If your have on or find one with pockets, you can removes them or design around them.  If you don't have one at home, check at the Goodwill or Salvation Army for an inexpensive choice to practice on.  We will be doing rehoopings and using template tearaway for placement.  Bring a good selection of threads to go with your shirt. They recommend 2 layers of a wash away stabilizer (Wet N Gone) and a spray adhesive.  I use one layer of Wet N Gone and one layer of Wet N Gone Tacky (no spray adhesive).  This class is $30 for the book, and CD with designs and instructions.  Don't forget, you can choose another workshop book and CD set for half price with the purchase of this one.  We will have another class in December to finish up our shirts.