Ready for some Football -----Quilting Style!!!

Are you ready for some Football?

Yes you read correctly -- It is the Football Playoffs and we at Engine House Quilt Shop want to play a little game with our customers. 

Starting today, Wednesday, January 11th - for every time you come into the shop and make a purchase, you will be encouraged to draw from our Football box. We have placed all of the team's names who are playing in the playoffs this weekend into the box. If the name you draw out wins their game, you will be awarded by receiving 50% off of one item in the shop. 

Every time you come into the shop and make a purchase you will receive a chance to draw out another team. Each week that your team wins you receive 50% off one items in the shop. The more you come in and purchase the more teams you use to purchase items at the 50% off price. You can only use your team's name once. 

We will be playing this game right up to Super Bowl which is February 5th. The more you purchase the more chances to win big.